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How Remove/ Rename Author Name in Blogger Blog

Hello friends in this tutorial you can remove and rename the author name very easily. I believe this will only select authors within blog posts (all blogs though) but not other places where an author’s name might appear.
If have many blogs and for some reason you don’t want to show your name in author field(post footer),then this Blogger hack is for you. Though the tutorial you can remove very easily, I will explain how to remove & rename the author name and link from default Blogger blogs.

How Remove,hide and Rename Author Name in Blogger Blog

How you Remove Author in Blog

First Download a Copy of Your Template

  • Login to your blogger dashboard
  • Go to Templates. 
  • Click on Edit Templates
  • Press Ctrl+F and Find below code

  • Remove this above code in your template
  • Save your template

Note: In your template you see many same code just remove one by one and preview your template which code is remove or hide your author name remove its one…

How you Rename Author in Blog

Same above method just  with your own name
like this:

POSTED BY,  you can now add/change what you want to display on the post here…

How you Rename Author Icon in Blog

How to Remove Required Gadget Title/Blank Field from Blogger

Hai friends this tutorial is about that how to remove required blogger blog gadget title.Blogger is infamous for making changes that affect bloggers without actually notifying them about it. One of the most recent changes has been the requirement of a title for the image gadget that you can use to upload and display images in your sidebar.

Method 1)

Now, there are ways you can get rid of the title by editing your template’s coding, but why go to all that effort..
just insert  as your image title and it shouldn’t display at all!

  • Paste this in your Remove Required Gadget Title 
  • Paste this in your Remove Required Blank Field 


Remove All Gadget Required Blank Field

What we’ll be doing in this first function is disabling all widgets on the home page. First, open your theme’s functions.

Paste below PHP field in blank area..


add_filter( ‘sidebars_widgets’, ‘disable_all_widgets’ );

function disable_all_widgets( $sidebars_widgets ) {

if ( is_home() )
$sidebars_widgets = array( false );

return $sidebars_widgets;


Remove One Gadget Required Blank Field

Paste below PHP field in blank area..


add_filter( ‘sidebars_widgets’, ‘disable_footer_widgets’ );

function disable_footer_widgets( $sidebars_widgets ) {

if ( is_single() )
$sidebars_widgets[‘footer’] = false;

return $sidebars_widgets;


 when you can just use as the title? Yes, that’s right folks, 

Method 2)
For Remove Required Gadget Title

  • Go to >> Template
  • Edit HTML and search for the following code.
  •  After finding the below code, carefully remove it by making sure that the tags are closed properly.
  •  Once you have removed the following code, just press the “Save Template” button and that’s all.

This method is only for those who can handle a few things themselves and has a little knowledge about HTML coding. Otherwise, the method mentioned above works perfectly well.

how to add/remove space between the widgets in Blogger

This tutorial shows you how to add/remove some space between the widgets in your sidebar. This can only be altered in the template code, or by adding some css using the Template Designer. I do not advise you alter it directly in the html code unless you know what you’re doing. Always use the Template Designer if you can.
Note that the html directions were written for the new Simple template, but should be transferrable to most of the other template styles too.

Adjust widget space in the Template Designer

  • Template Designer
  • Click ADVANCED – in the list at the top left corner of the screen
  • Click ADD CSS – in the second list at the top left corner of the screen
  • Copy the following css code and paste it into the box which says ADD CUSTOM CSS

.sidebar .widget {
padding-bottom: 300px;

  • Replace YOUR-IMAGE-LINK with the link to your image

Adjust widget space on the html template

  • From your blog’s home page, click DESIGN in the top right corner
  • Click EDIT HTML button (underneath the preview of your blog)
  • Click PROCEED
  • Type CtrlF to bring up the search box
  • Locate the widget section of your code….it starts with */Widgets
  • In the section of code which you are taken to, edit the section to say this instead (you can just copy and paste this)…

.sidebar .widget {
padding-bottom: 50px;

  • Edit the bit which says 50px until you’re happy with the gap between your widgets. Increasing the value increases the gap.
  • Preview and save

Note: You should always back up your blog before you make any changes. Louise Franks Designs is not responsible for anything bad which happens when you try to alter your template code! If you found this post useful, or know somebody who would like it, please share it or “like” it.

Remove Subscribe to Posts (Atom) Link From Blogger

If you are using a official blogger template of, you can see this “Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)” link below your blog posts. Not only official blogger templates, but also many custom blogger themes include this subscribe link. It helps your readers to get your site updates using RSS feed. But if your blogger theme already has a subscribe link or subscribe button, this “Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)” link not necessary.
Remove “Subscribe to: Posts(Atom)” Link From Blogger. You can locate this links bellow every post or page, near to page navigation.

In every post page there is a link like “Subscribe to: Post Comments(Atom)
In every page other then post page it may be like “Subscribe to: Post (Atom)

How to Hide this links By CSS?

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard
  • Template, Customize, Advanced, Add CSS
  • Put this below code in CSS 
  • Or copy the below code and paste it before ]]> tag

.blog-feeds{display:none !important;}

Apply Blog OR Save Template…

How to Remove this Links 1?

  • To delete this subscribe link, go to “Edit HTML”.
  • Find this:

Remove above line and save your template.

How to Remove this Links 2?

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Design tab > Edit HTML tab
  • Then serach for the following line of code

The code like below

  • Just remove line and save template.

Remove/Hide Home Link Below Posts from Blogger

Permanently remove the “Home link” from below the posts from your Blogger blog the easy way.
The home link in the footer of blogger template is usually not useful because it is not in a important position. We can change the position of the link or remove that link from the template, if we want. 
You may have also read online tutorials about removing that link from your Blogger template, but that is not removing, that’s hiding. Most of the guides on web tell about hiding the Home link with CSS display: none; property.

Hiding “Home link” in Blogger with CSS

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard
  • Template, Customize, Advanced, Add CSS
  • Put this below code in CSS

.home-link { display: none; }

You still have the Home link in your template but it will stop appearing due to the above CSS code.

Permanently remove “Home link” from Blogger template

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard
  • Template,Edit Template
  • Find the following code in the template using Find option

Like below…

Delete and Save the template and verify the blog.

Remove/Delete Powered by Blogger Attribution From Blogger

We can remove power by blogger attribution from blogger adding CSS code we can easily remove power by blogger attribution from blogger

In default templates and some of the custom templates, the attribution stay locked at a fixed position which is really infuriating. You can’t move it, you can’t delete and you go mad about that crap. Chillax, cool up your brain, and read this post. It’s all up here.Remove that attribution by the following processes. 

Method 1:

Go to Blogger Dashboard

Template, Customize, Advanced, Add CSS
Put this below code in CSS
or add this before ]]></b:skin tag in Edit Template HTML…


Apply Blog and Refresh your blog page…

Method 2:

1. Go to your blogger Dash board
2. Select the template section and click on edit html
3. Now find the given code by searching ctrl+f

4. Replace the value ‘true’ with ‘false’ the template
6. Now go in layout section you will see the attribution section for powered by blogger.
7. Edit attribution gadget and remove it.

8.You are done..