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Adult Content Warning and Porn Content Policy in Blogger 2015

An update on the Blogger porn content policy

This week, we announced a change to Blogger’s porn policy stating that blogs that distributed sexually explicit images or graphic nudity would be made private.

We’ve received lots of feedback about making a policy change that impacts longstanding blogs, and about the negative impact this could have on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities.

We appreciate the feedback. Instead of making this change, we will be maintaining our Existing Policies.

What this means for blog owners

Commercial porn will continue to be prohibited.
If you have pornographic or sexually explicit content on your blog, you must Turn on the adult content setting so a warning will show. If a blog with adult content is brought to Google’s attention and the content warning is not active, we will turn on the warning interstitial for you. If this happens repeatedly, the blog may be removed.
If you don’t have sexually explicit content on your blog and you’re following the rest of the Blogger Content Policy, you don’t need to make any changes to your blog.

Blogger Content Policy

(Existing Policies)

Blogger is a free service for communication, self-expression and freedom of speech. We believe Blogger increases the availability of information, encourages healthy debate, and makes possible new connections between people. It is our belief that censoring this content is contrary to a service that bases itself on freedom of expression.

However, in order to uphold these values, we need to curb abuses that threaten our ability to provide this service and the freedom of expression it encourages. As a result, there are some boundaries on the type of content that can be hosted with Blogger. The boundaries we’ve defined are those that both comply with legal requirements and that serve to enhance the service as a whole.

If you encounter a blog that you believe violates our policies, please report it to us using the ‘Report Abuse’ link located at the top of each blog under the ‘More’ dropdown. If the blog owner has hidden this link, you can still report abuse in the Blogger Help Center.

Content Boundaries

Our content policies play an important role in maintaining a positive experience for you, the users. Please respect these guidelines. From time to time, we may change our content policies so please check back here. Also, please note that when applying the policies below, we may make exceptions based on artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific considerations or where there are other substantial benefits to the public from not taking action on the content.

Adult Content: We do allow adult content on Blogger, including images or videos that contain nudity or sexual activity. If your blog contains adult content, please mark it as ‘adult’ in your Blogger settings. We may also mark blogs with adult content where the owners have not. All blogs marked as ‘adult’ will be placed behind an ‘adult content’ warning interstitial. If your blog has a warning interstitial, please do not attempt to circumvent or disable the interstitial – it is for everyone’s protection.

There are some exceptions to our adult content policy:

  • Do not use Blogger as a way to make money on adult content. For example, don’t create blogs that contain ads for or links to commercial porn sites.
  • We do not allow illegal sexual content, including image, video or textual content that depicts or encourages rape, incest, bestiality, or necrophilia.
  • Do not post or distribute private nude or sexually explicit images or videos without the subject’s consent. If someone has posted a private nude or sexually explicit image or video of you, please report it to us here.

Child safety: We have a zero-tolerance policy towards content that exploits children. Some examples of this include:

  • Child sexual abuse imagery: We will terminate the accounts of any user we find publishing or distributing child sexual abuse imagery. We will also report that user to law enforcement.
  • Pedophilia: We do not allow content that encourages or promotes sexual attraction towards children. For example, do not create blogs with galleries of images of children where the collection of images or text accompanying the images is sexually suggestive, and do not publish content of a sexual nature involving an underage participant.

Hate Speech: Our products are platforms for free expression. But we don’t support content that promotes or condones violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity, or whose primary purpose is inciting hatred on the basis of these core characteristics. This can be a delicate balancing act, but if the primary purpose is to attack a protected group, the content crosses the line.

Crude Content: Don’t post content just to be shocking or graphic. For example, collections of close-up images of gunshot wounds or accident scenes without additional context or commentary would violate this policy.

Violence: Don’t threaten other people on your blog. For example, don’t post death threats against another person or group of people and don’t post content encouraging your readers to take violent action against another person or group of people.

Harassment: Do not harass or bully others. Anyone using Blogger to harass or bully may have the offending content removed or be permanently banned from the site. Online harassment is also illegal in many places and can have serious offline consequences.

Copyright: It is our policy to respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement. More information about our copyright procedures can be found here. Also, please don’t provide links to sites where your readers can obtain unauthorized downloads of other people’s content.

Personal and confidential information: It’s not ok to publish another person’s personal and confidential information. For example, don’t post someone else’s credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, unlisted phone numbers, and driver’s license numbers. Also, please keep in mind that in most cases, information that is already available elsewhere on the Internet or in public records is not considered to be private or confidential under our policies.

Impersonating others: Please don’t mislead or confuse readers by pretending to be someone else or pretending to represent an organization when you don’t. We’re not saying you can’t publish parody or satire – just avoid content that is likely to mislead readers about your true identity.

Illegal activities: Do not use Blogger to engage in illegal activities or to promote dangerous and illegal activities. For example, don’t author a blog encouraging people to drink and drive. Please also do not use Blogger to sell or promote illegal drugs. Otherwise, we may delete your content. Also, in serious cases such as those involving the abuse of children, we may report you to the appropriate authorities.

Regulated Goods and Services: Do not use Blogger to sell or facilitate the sale of regulated goods and services, such as alcohol, gambling, pharmaceuticals and unapproved supplements, tobacco, fireworks, weapons, or health/medical devices.

Spam: Spam takes several forms in Blogger, all of which can result in deletion of your account or blog. Some examples include creating blogs designed to drive traffic to your site or to move it up in search listings, posting comments on other people’s blogs just to promote your site or product, and scraping existing content from other sources for the primary purpose of generating revenue or other personal gains.

Malware and viruses: Do not create blogs that transmit viruses, cause pop-ups, attempt to install software without the reader’s consent, or otherwise impact readers with malicious code. This is strictly forbidden on Blogger.

Enforcement of Blogger’s Content Policy

Please report suspected policy violations to us using the ‘Report Abuse’ link located at the top of each blog under the ‘More’ dropdown or by clicking here.

Our team reviews user flags for policy violations. If the blog does not violate our policies, we will not take any action against the blog or blog owner. If we find that a blog does violate our content policies, we take one or more of the following actions based on the severity of the violation:

  • Put the blog behind an ‘adult content’ interstitial
  • Put the blog behind an interstitial where only the blog author can access the content
  • Delete the offending content, blog post or blog
  • Disable the author’s access to his/her Blogger account
  • Disable the author’s access to his/her Google account
  • Report the user to law enforcement

We may also take any of the above actions if we find that a user has created multiple blogs engaging in repeated abusive behavior. If you have had a blog disabled, do not create a replacement blog that engages in similar activity.

Add an adult content warning to your Blog

(Turn on the adult content setting)

If your blog contains adult themes or language, you must add a warning page that shows before people can see the content in your blog.

What content needs the adult content warning?

Adult content warning required: pornographic or sexually explicit content.
Adult content warning isn’t required: non-sexual documentary depictions of nudity (like an image of a breastfeeding infant) and depictions of nudity that serve a clear educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic purpose.
If there is any other reason you feel your blog may be shocking or objectionable to some users, you are welcome to activate the content warning at your discretion.
Note: If a blog with adult content is brought to Google’s attention and the content warning is not active, we will turn on the warning interstitial for you. If this happens repeatedly, the blog may be removed.

Add the adult content warning

Open your Blogger account.
Click on the blog you want to change this setting for.
On the left side of the page, click Settings > Other.
Under “Adult content,” click Yes from the drop-down menu.
When the warning is on, a content warning page will warn visitors that some may consider the material on your blog objectionable.

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how to add/remove space between the widgets in Blogger

This tutorial shows you how to add/remove some space between the widgets in your sidebar. This can only be altered in the template code, or by adding some css using the Template Designer. I do not advise you alter it directly in the html code unless you know what you’re doing. Always use the Template Designer if you can.
Note that the html directions were written for the new Simple template, but should be transferrable to most of the other template styles too.

Adjust widget space in the Template Designer

  • Template Designer
  • Click ADVANCED – in the list at the top left corner of the screen
  • Click ADD CSS – in the second list at the top left corner of the screen
  • Copy the following css code and paste it into the box which says ADD CUSTOM CSS

.sidebar .widget {
padding-bottom: 300px;

  • Replace YOUR-IMAGE-LINK with the link to your image

Adjust widget space on the html template

  • From your blog’s home page, click DESIGN in the top right corner
  • Click EDIT HTML button (underneath the preview of your blog)
  • Click PROCEED
  • Type CtrlF to bring up the search box
  • Locate the widget section of your code….it starts with */Widgets
  • In the section of code which you are taken to, edit the section to say this instead (you can just copy and paste this)…

.sidebar .widget {
padding-bottom: 50px;

  • Edit the bit which says 50px until you’re happy with the gap between your widgets. Increasing the value increases the gap.
  • Preview and save

Note: You should always back up your blog before you make any changes. Louise Franks Designs is not responsible for anything bad which happens when you try to alter your template code! If you found this post useful, or know somebody who would like it, please share it or “like” it.

How to Remove Showing Posts With Label in Blogger

Label is very useful thing which user wants to get particular category. If you want to be a successful blogger means you need to give category wise content to your users.
Lot of bloggers use label gadget to split. But most of owners not like this kind of message while click any label link from default blogger templates. Like this
showing posts with label

showing posts with label

So, if you also hate this message means don’t worry, you can hide this message by just make the simple changes following:

  • Backup your template.
  • Copy the below code and find the code in your template using (Ctrl+F) 
  •  Now click the arrow button which is the row of you found code. Like this,

showing posts with label

  • Now you can see the code like this below after clicked the arrow,Like this,

showing posts with label

  • Replace all the above code with the following code;

  • Now save your template and view your blog.
  • Now you couldn’t see the “showing posts with label”. That’s it.

How i customize my blogger for adult contents

Hai friends today i am telling u if you are running an adult blogspot blog. Google will not prefer it unless you won’t do some  setting in your blog. since search engines don’t want to give same rule and regulations for all contents. so if you have adult contents like escorts blogs, adult pics and stories or any thing, you must need to make some changes according to blogging tips. if you will not follow these setting, your blog will be deleted when ever google crawler will come and see your content.. it is recommended to bloggers not to put adult contents in blogger blog and if they are doing they have to customize the settings for the safety of Internet.

after clicking an adult blog reader will see a warning message

Warning message for Adult content in a blog

Warning message for Adult content in a blog
This warning message will take away from the blog if they don’t wanna enter. You must  set up these settings for an adult blog.

How to customize :

  • Go to your blogger Dashboard.
  • Click on setting
  • Click on other
  • Change Adult content option from no to yes.(You will do only if ur blog contains Adult content)
  • click on save.

setting for adult blogger blogs

  • You have done the setting for your u don’t need to be worry for your blog deletion.

Advantage :
1. Good for readers to show them a warning message regarding the content
2. Google will not harm your blog.

How to Replace/Change Widget Title With Image in Blogger Easy

Today we will replace all widgets titles with an image .So below here you will find the steps through which you can replace the title of the widget with image and yes answer of the question given above.
How do we go about replacing a Blogger widget title with an image? 

  • Go to blogger > Template 
  • Click on Edit Template
  • Search for the gadget title (that you want it replaced with an image) in your HTML code
  • Go Jump to widget in Edit Html Option and Check your gadget…

Your Own Gadget

My facebook gadget, the title is “Like us on Facebook”  So i enter title=’Like us on Facebook’ in the search box.



Label Gadget

My Label gadget, the title is “Categories”  So i enter title=’Categories’ in the search box



Blog Archive



  • Replace the data tag with an image tag (below code) your own desire….
Yout Gadget Title

Preview before saving.

Note: This method won’t work on a Followers gadget. As a workaround, you can put the title image in a Picture gadget. Then place the gadget above the Followers gadget. And make sure you leave the title box of the Followers gadget blank.

Remove Subscribe to Posts (Atom) Link From Blogger

If you are using a official blogger template of, you can see this “Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)” link below your blog posts. Not only official blogger templates, but also many custom blogger themes include this subscribe link. It helps your readers to get your site updates using RSS feed. But if your blogger theme already has a subscribe link or subscribe button, this “Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)” link not necessary.
Remove “Subscribe to: Posts(Atom)” Link From Blogger. You can locate this links bellow every post or page, near to page navigation.

In every post page there is a link like “Subscribe to: Post Comments(Atom)
In every page other then post page it may be like “Subscribe to: Post (Atom)

How to Hide this links By CSS?

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard
  • Template, Customize, Advanced, Add CSS
  • Put this below code in CSS 
  • Or copy the below code and paste it before ]]> tag

.blog-feeds{display:none !important;}

Apply Blog OR Save Template…

How to Remove this Links 1?

  • To delete this subscribe link, go to “Edit HTML”.
  • Find this:

Remove above line and save your template.

How to Remove this Links 2?

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Design tab > Edit HTML tab
  • Then serach for the following line of code

The code like below

  • Just remove line and save template.