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How Remove/ Rename Author Name in Blogger Blog

Hello friends in this tutorial you can remove and rename the author name very easily. I believe this will only select authors within blog posts (all blogs though) but not other places where an author’s name might appear.
If have many blogs and for some reason you don’t want to show your name in author field(post footer),then this Blogger hack is for you. Though the tutorial you can remove very easily, I will explain how to remove & rename the author name and link from default Blogger blogs.

How Remove,hide and Rename Author Name in Blogger Blog

How you Remove Author in Blog

First Download a Copy of Your Template

  • Login to your blogger dashboard
  • Go to Templates. 
  • Click on Edit Templates
  • Press Ctrl+F and Find below code

  • Remove this above code in your template
  • Save your template

Note: In your template you see many same code just remove one by one and preview your template which code is remove or hide your author name remove its one…

How you Rename Author in Blog

Same above method just  with your own name
like this:

POSTED BY,  you can now add/change what you want to display on the post here…

How you Rename Author Icon in Blog